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Connected Packaging


edgecode is the Connected Packaging Platform based on Serialized Digital Watermark technology powered by Digimarc Corporation. edgecode transforms any graphics and images on labels, packaging, tickets, catalogs, photocards, and merchandise into 1:1 digital contents such as serial number, supply chain information, personalized landing pages, or any kind of rich contents.
Our Services

Our Services

Global Brand Protection


We provide the most proven service to recover your revenue against worldwide counterfeiters with Digimarc Variable Barcodes.

Supply Chain Protection 

We show how Digimarc Variable Barcodes could provide you clear visibility of supply chain to remove unauthorized retailers. 

CX Innovation

We develop new approaches of customer experiance with Digimarc Barcodes for brand owners in any industry. 


The Platform

edgecode is the oldest and most experienced platform that provides the most proven and practical ways to show the values of Digimarc Variable Barcodes.

Worldwide No.1 in

Digimarc Variable Barcode

We are the largest provider of connected packaging services with Digimarc Variable Barcodes(DVBs).

Integrated with Digital Packaging Ecosystem

We help brand owners and printing service providers to digitalize package production for variable watermarks.

  • HP Indigo Solution Partner

  • Develop the Ecosystem for Variable Watermark Printing and Marking.

  • Neutral and comprehensive platform to operate digital packaging services.

Connecting Applications to the Physical World

We provide edge-to-cloud applications for connected packaging services in worldwide, especially China and SEA.

  • SDK or Custom Development of Mobile, Web, or C/S Applications. 

  • Optimization of Industrial Scanners for Digimarc Barcodes.

  • Optimization of Global Cloud Architecture and Operations. 

edgecode is the standard application for the Digimarc Variable Barcode (DVB)-based connected packaging platform. Developed and operated by the world's most experienced team in DVB implementation, edgecode performs integrated processes for anti-counterfeiting, distribution tracking, and anti-diversion, delivering innovative solutions and exceptional value to supply chain managers, packaging experts, and brand managers. Collaborating with leading brands in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment, edgecode leverages a validated methodology to address diverse challenges. edgecode is also available as an SDK, offering essential features and performance beyond standard expectations along with Digimarc's legal license keys, enabling customers and partners to create new independent applications or seamlessly integrate edgecode’s capabilities into existing applications.
Who We Are

The Ecosystem


Practical Methods, Inc. proves the values of Digimarc technology and provides the most practical methodologies and reliable applications for global brand protection, supply chain protection, and customer experience innovation. 

The authorized value-added partners in South Korea


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Contact Us
Contact Us
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Practical Methods, Inc. 
16F, 396, Seocho-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06619, 
Republic of Korea

프랙티컬메쏘드 주식회사
(06619) 서울특별시 서초구 서초대로 396

강남빌딩 16층

Tel. +82-2-2190-3745

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