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[Press Release] Practical Methods becomes the first company in the world to produce 100 million of Digimarc Variable Barcode.

The future barcode to replace QR codes has been proved its practical use in Korea
Spotlighted as a new alternative to SCM challenges such as anti-counterfeiting and diversion control

2022년 9월 25일

September 26 2022, Seoul - Practical Methods, Inc., a company specializing in digital watermarking, achieved the world's first watermark barcode production of one hundred million pieces.

Watermark barcode is an international standard barcode provided by Digimarc, the worldwide leader in digital watermarking technology. It is a barcode in which data that is difficult to identify with the naked eye is inserted into general graphics or photos, and it can be scanned with a mobile app and tracked with a general barcode reader like QR codes.

Practical Methods focuses on Supply Chain Management market with Digimarc Variable Barcode, which was first introduced in 2017, and has provided security packaging services such as anti-counterfeiting and diversion control.

Practical Methods has led to develop various success cases with Digimarc Variable Barcodes, and finally achieved the production of one hundred million units for the first time in the world. Practical Methods was selected as the second Digimarc Strategic Partner in Asia in April of last year and is currently the only authorized partner in Korea.

Starting with the world's first diversion control case applied to the Korean distribution centers of a multinational consumer goods company, Practical Methods has developed the world's largest Anti-Counterfeiting case for a leading Korean cosmetics brand.

These companies, which have been using traditional security technologies such as QR codes, RFID, and various kinds of hologram-like technologies for many years, have applied Digimarc Variable Barcodes to precisely control retail channels and the rate of counterfeiting in the Asia market, and successfully solved the problems of channel conflicts and loss of sales that have not been resolved for a long time. Practical Methods also has developed various applications such as ticketing, trace & tracking, and consumer engagement services for various industries such as sports, entertainment, finance, fashion, and auto parts.

Howard Kim, CEO of Practical Methods, said, “Globally, Digimarc has long been just a barcode of the future, but now it can be applied immediately to the field.” and expressed that “we are supporting brands that are suffering from SCM problems so that they can use Digimarc technology in a variety of ways without trial and error based on the know-how and proven methodologies accumulated as a leading business operator.”

Practical Methods has been developed its own platform, edgecode, to provided orchestrated services to utilized Digimarc Variable Barcodes, including managing barcodes, operating mobile apps and big data cloud, digital printing prepress, package production management, integration with barcode readers and legacy applications.

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