Connected Packaging


edgecode is the Connected Packaging Platform based on Serialized Digital Watermark technology that transforms any images of product labels, packages, catalogues, banners, photos into 1:1 digital contents such as serial number, supply chain information, personalized landing pages, or any kind of rich contents.



Scan will verify the authenticity of each product item from the Serialized & Covert codes on labels & packages.

Supply Chain Visibility

Authorized individuals are allowed to see track & trace data from the same images with industrial scanners as well as mobile app​

Consumer Engagement

Scans by users will show personalized digital contents on each device which will innovate mobile marketing and CRM strategies. 


How to connect edges


Standard app provides basic experiences of scanning serialized digital watermarks and connecting each product or user. We support brand owners to develop their own branded custom apps for various purposes. 
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Our Services


We provide the most practical ways for mixed problems of Information Technology, Business Process, and Digital Packaging. 

Connected Packaging Platform


We provide the most reasonable and affordable ways to manage identification, tracing, and consumer engagement through the whole lifecycle of each product.

  • Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

  • Supply Chain Visibility

  • Consumer Engagement 

Digital Packaging Enablement


We help brand owners and printing service providers to digitalize package production to increase brand values, enhance supply chain productivity, and promote sustainability. 

  • Package Production Management

  • Digital Packaging Design

  • Solutions for HP Indigo Press 

Cloud Optimization & Digitalization


We provide more practical ways to digitalize your business workflow and optimize its global cloud operation, especially in Asia Pacific region. 

  • Global Cloud Optimization

  • Supply Chain Digitalization

  • Digital Channel Development 


Who We Are


Practical Methods, Inc. is the business service company to provide top brands with end-to-end connected packaging services for anti-counterfeiting, diversion control, supply chain traceability, mobile engagement services with our proven experiences of Serialized Digital Watermark Technology, Digital Printing and Packaging, and Cloud Optimization. 
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